This week’s blog is about how to prepare yourself for a great class and the nutrition that will help your body to get the most from each session plus a few little known tips to aid digestion and help your body burn and heal after each session.

10 Ways to Have A Great Yoga Class

1. Hydrate in advance. Filling your stomach with water 10 or even 60 minutes before class will not hydrate you, and will only make you more likely to feel ill during class. Hydrate early in the day, or the day before if you’re coming first thing. Better still – aim to always be hydrated!

2. Protein and a little carbohydrate will fuel you through. Eggs whites (boiled, poached or steamed) and a small amount of yoghurt with half a banana will help fuel you through the hardest of classes.

3. Show up with enough time. Be organised. It just takes practice, and there’s nothing better than starting class after having at least 5-10 minutes to lie and be still in the room.

4. Let go……… Of all thoughts, of any aches and pains and definitely any negative thoughts or irritation towards others. Learn to just let go of everything except your breathing and listening to the words of your instructor guide you.

5. Give yourself the gift of 5 minutes after class. I used to be first out of the room after every class. My whole life was rushed, busy and urgent. It still is a lot. But I tell you – I feel so amazing when I do take 5 minutes to truly wind down before leaving the room. Aren’t you worth that time?

6. Replenish your electrolytes! You sweat it out, you have to put it back in! Get some electrolytes before class or add a pinch of real (pink or grey) salt to your yoga water.

7. Re-fuel with proper post yoga nutrition and you’ll feel great. Raw food, fruits, a little protein, coconut water and all veg are perfect for refuelling. See below for a list of superfoods,

8. Yoga for your mind. Yoga is body, mind, spirit and emotions. Carry it out of the class with you. Let go. And take 5 minutes each day to think of things you’re grateful for. This stuff can make a huge difference in all aspects of your life and what you perceive you get.

9. ‘Do’ yoga even when you can’t do yoga. Learn to be gracious, compassionate. Aim to do one kind thing for someone every day and notice one kind thing someone does for you. Learn something new each day.

10. Plan when you’ll be back! Goes without saying! Fix a goal as to when you’ll return and carry the thought of it through your busy life and day.

Would you like to burn fat better, detox your body and balance out your current diet? All that effort you put in in the yoga room is put a little to waste if your diet doesn’t give you the nutrition you need for detoxification, and if you think you may need a little nudge in that area than possible a green smoothie a day is your answer!

The fact of the matter is that most of us aren’t getting nearly enough greens each and every day even when we are diligently following a clean eating regime….. I mean c’mon – be honest. Do you truly work your way through multiple cups of greens with nearly every main meal? If you do, kudos to you 🙂

And if not – hey, you’re human! It takes a lot of time to chew through enough greens to truly detox your body and maximize fat loss and health each day!

Green smoothies are a fantastic and convenient way to get a load of your greens in without the hassle. Done properly they are simply jam-packed full of goodness. In fact, green smoothies will give you:
And all with MASSIVE taste. Massively GOOD taste!

Here are 3 of my favourite vegetables to put into smoothies specifically chosen for their fluid retention and bloating reduction properties:
1. Coriander is well known for its healing and medicinal qualities! This naturally sweet herb helps with any form of indigestion or digestive disorder or nausea, and is also an excellent natural diuretic, which makes it fantastic for helping with fluid retention AND with bloating.

2. The humble cucumber is one of my all-time favourite vegetables. Cucumbers are fantastic for everything from alleviating constipation, to controlling weight through natural diuretic properties, to promoting good bone health through their high Vitamin K. A fabulous vegetable to eat or drink!

3. Well we all know that spinach is good for us and that it makes us strong, but did you know why that is so? Here’s a pretty impressive fact for you – the nutritional breakdown of spinach is such that it has more nutrients in it per calorie than any other food. Wow, huh? And not only is it ridiculously nutrient dense (with vitamins, minerals and even essential fatty acids), but it’s also naturally very low in calories. This is a key reason spinach is renowned for its weight loss benefits. Drink up!

If you’d rather make up your own, then just blend a variety of fresh leafy greens with fresh herbs and some cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger to taste. I haven’t looked back since introducing a green smoothie a day into my eating plan. It’s quick, tasty, and makes it SO easy to get my veggie intake. You won’t look back either 🙂


Coconut oil: this saturated fat is made up of medium chain fatty acids, and great for energy as well as fat loss. A teaspoon will quell sugar cravings right away, and it’s also fab for cooking!
Organic protein powder: A great back up for a meal if need be, and also excellent post yoga.
Tinned salmon or sardines
Frozen organic vegetables: frozen veg are snap frozen, retaining nutrition. Great as a back-up again!
Greek organic yoghurt: I recommend all dairy be organic. Greek yoghurt is fab as it is high in probiotics; good bacteria.
Dark chocolate:at least 85%: it’s higher in antioxidants, and lower in sugar
Red wine: enough said 🙂
Avocado: a great fat that can be used as a snack on its own if need be!
Frozen berries: add them to the yoghurt or your protein shake, or enjoy with some chocolate and wine. Yummy.
A great nut and seed mix: Avoid peanuts as they are legumes not nuts. I would roast nuts yourself if possible to avoid vegetable oils, and then salt with pink or grey salt.