Full list of our class times below.


A sequence of 26 postures and Pranayama breathing. Following the Lineage of Bishnu Gosh, this yoga is practiced in a room heated to no higher than 38 degrees Celsius and is 70 minutes long. Suitable for both beginners and advanced students,Yang is designed to relieve stress, balance and strengthen the glandular system, circulation, digestion and nervous system, reverse the ageing process and reshape muscles, tendons and posture. Fresh blood is brought to areas not normally affected and the whole body becomes supple and strong.


A Hot Yang Class led By Jack or Pook with no dialogue, only prompts to flow from one posture to next. Designed for anyone with some experience in Bikram or Absolute Hot Yoga method. An amazing way to tune in to the “priority” of all Yoga Asana’s, your breath.


Classic Vinyasa Flow, but with a fusion of Iyengar and Yin. Suitable for beginner to advanced as there will be options for the more challenging postures. A class which allows for more expression, fun and opening and strengthening from toes to fingertips… No added heat as Phuket boasts the perfect temperature for this style of yoga ( approx 28-30 degrees)



A gentle and steady flow through warm up, standing and seated postures with emphasis on breath awareness, mindful movement and body opening. Think soulful, soothing and releasing to bring you right back to your peaceful self after a long hard day.


Yin Yoga with smooth relaxing beats. Much slower pace with longer holds and deeper stretches for healthier bones and tissues. A perfect marriage to Hot Yang and Fusion and a great way to de-stress and re-energize.


Yin Yoga on heat. Combine the benefits of meditative surrender in long deep seated postures, with a room heated by FAR infra red, to give you a double dose opening of your myofascia and connective tissues. With every breath, we find peace and contentment in the heat of challenge.


Hot High Intensity Pilates.Just 50 minutes will will 6 pack your core and put you in a journey like no other,If you like to give maximum output in a 50 min sequence designed buy our master pilates guru James , under the latest “FAR INFRA RED HEAT” then this is your thing.




We offer private and corporate yoga tuition, including classes, courses and workshops tailored specifically to your needs, either at our studio or at your home or business. Please inquire for more information.


– Latecomers will not be allowed to enter class. Class starts exactly at the scheduled time.
– Studio door will be locked once the class starts.
– Schedule is subject to change.


– Class reservations can be made in advance of the class.
– If the class is full, you will be placed on the waitlist and notified as soon as a mat is available.


– Please give us 2 hours advanced notice if you cannot attend the pre-reserved class so that we can release your reservation to waitlisted students.


We provide a range of facilities, including:
Two studios- Super cool chill out ,hang out area .Fresh juices and snacks.Awesome coffee.Showers,Shower gel. Lockers . Yoga Mats . Hair Dryers. Towels (for hire)..Various Yoga retail.


– Parking at Blue Tree ,,side entrance ,then right