Hello and welcome to the new revamped Yoga Republic website including our new weekly blog to keep you up to date and informed on our classes, introduce you to our staff, keep you abreast of any thing new and generally chit chat about our the amazing world of hot yoga and Yoga Republic.

Our employee introduction this week is Lakki. She has been with us since opening last October and has just completed the 30 day challenge and welcomed from both its physical and phsycological benefits. We are offering a 15% discount for anyone wishing to give the 30 day challenge a go – all you have to do is quote that you saw the promotion in this blog.

For the early birds amongst us we now have 7.15am class which will set you up for the day whether you’re heading for work or the beach.

Of course the big news in Phuket right now is the political situation and the coup that has just taken place. As someone who lives and works on the island I can assure you that nothing has changed, all is peaceful and the Phuket sunshine is burning bright as ever on our beautiful beaches.

Come and see us at Yoga Republic soon. Have a freshly made juice and have a look around our beautiful new studio.

Practicing Hot yoga is a profound and life changing experience…..it will literally change the way your body works, moves and thinks. Do it today and change all your tomorrow’s for the better.