About Us

Yoga Republic is an eclectic East meets West style studio offering the highest quality hygienic amenities including yoga mats, male and female showers, juice and coffee Bar, indoor and outdoor chill areas, retail and more. We have 2 ste of the art designer studios, one for all things hot using the most amazing heating system, Far Infrared Heat. Amongst so many benefits, this heat does not heat Air, and as such each class has up to 80% more Oxygen than classes which use alternative heat. And the other studio accommodating many styles of yoga,meditation and workshops.  Jack Farras heads an experienced and friendly crew, ensuring your visit is one worth remembering. With our own blend Yoga and pilates , we will leave you re-energized, revitalized, and most certainly happier after your journey with us, so come and experience it and be inspired!







Yoga Republic Phuket

Why Choose Us

Increased Flexibility

Cardio & circulatory health

Protection from injury

Balance Your Body & Mind

Increased muscle strength

Building Strong Body Life